Pooja with family and friends at temple
Pooja is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate with Divine and establish a bond with God. On most festival days and social occasions such as Birthday, Wedding-anniversary, House-warming, Naming-ceremony and the Punyatithi of ancestors, the family sit together, prays together and conducts the pooja with the help of Priest.
Why do we perform Pooja ? To express one’s gratitude to God for all that life has given :
• To ask wishes and guidance from the Divine.
• To open channels for healthy physical, mental and spiritual life.
• To sing bhajan or kirtan and katha in the Lord’s glory and praise.
• To gain freedom from suffering and stress.
• To form a perfect relationship with family and friends, seeking blessing from divine(God) parents and ancestors.
To prepare for a successful pooja :
• All participants concentrate their mind on pooja ceremony. (Pray With An Attitude Of Gratitude)
• Participants should not talk to each other during pooja and cell phone should be silent mode.
• One should wear decent clothing and avoid wearing black clothing during Pooja.
• There must be respect present during the whole program participate whole heartedly and Be On Time.
• The priest will conduct the Pooja and explain the meaning of each ritual.
• Our temple survives through your generous charity the more you share the more you grow, what ever you give, the universe give back to you exponentially. Your contribution to the temple is highly appreciated.
• Dakshina for the priest, Pooja paath, katha and relating to God is a highly spiritual activity in our Dharma. Pooja is a very valuable and auspicious part of our culture. So, accordingly to your capacity with love, devotion and shraddha give Dakshina(Donation).
List Of Things Required For Pooja :
The host should provide all items needed for Pooja Ceremony including :
• Coconut
• Milk + Yogurt + Ghee + Honey + Sugar(Panchamrit)
• Kalash
• Hawan Samagri
• Dry Fruits, Rice
• Wood & Dry Coconut
• Incense
• Camphor
• Pan Leaves 15nos.
• Ghee + Grain
• Supari 15nos.
• Thali(Steel Plate)
• Mauli(Red Thread)
• Katori(Bowl)
• Janeu(Thread)
• Spoons
• Kum-Kum(Red Powder)
• Aluminium Foil Paper
• Haldi Powder
• Bed Sheet
• Diya Baati
• Small Piece of Cloth
• Halwa or Sweets(Prasad)
• Paper Towel

Swami Adrishananda(Priest) : 626 – 808 – 5457